HeBoFill® CL-SP 015

Boron Nitride Powder

HeBoFill® CL-SP 015* is a boron nitride powder with high purity and a low specific surface area. Thanks to these properties, the viscosity can be kept relatively low when incorporated into a plastic matrix. The individual crystallites are in the medium size range of 15 µm. The powder is excellent for applications in which the thermal conductivity of components is to be increased.

Like our other hexagonal boron nitride powders, HeBoFill® CL-SP 015* has excellent lubricating properties and a low hardness. This allows only minimal abrasion on mixing tools. This distinguishes our boron nitride powders from other oxide fillers, which show a significantly increased abrasive behaviour with lower thermal conductivity.

Typical applications

  • filler for thermal conductive pastes, potting compounds, plastic coatings
  • filler for injection moulding applications
  • filler for silicones, thermoplastics, duromers and elastomers

The product highlights

  • high thermal conductivity
  • enables high loading levels in the system
  • high crystallinity
  • very low specific surface area
  • no metal abrasion in the end product
  • minimal tool wear compared to other filler materials

* HeBoFill Cool Line - Single Platelet + D50


Did you know:
HENZE BNP develops boron nitride powder in accordance with customer-specific requirements.